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Improve your water quality in 2021.

In 2019, an investigation by more than 120 journalists and 10 media organizations revealed that thousands of Canadians could be drinking water contaminated with high levels of lead. In the U.S., National Geographic reported that a quarter of Americans are drinking unsafe water. Does this make you wonder about the water that you drink?

Here are some easy things you can do to improve your water quality in your home and community.

Clean and Replace Water Filters

Over time, bacteria, metals and other contaminants can build up in water filters. This buildup can cause water filters to no longer work properly and can even cause a foul taste or smell. To prevent a sour taste or smell, be sure to follow the instructions for your specific water filter. This might mean routinely cleaning it or replacing the filters every so often. 

Replace Old Pipes

To prevent lead from getting into your water, replace aging pipes and plumbing parts. Be sure to replace old pipes and plumbing components with lead-free plumbing parts, this will help greatly to improve your water quality in your home.

Run Water That Has Been Sitting

When water hasn’t been used in a while and has been sitting in your pipes for a long period of time, the water quality can decline. If that’s the case, run cold water taps for two minutes before using, drinking or cooking. This can improve your water quality over time.

Improve your water quality / water heater - Plumber Fixing Water HeaterAnnually Drain Your Water Heater

Sediment, bacteria and metals can build up in your water heater tank so it’s important to drain your water heater on an annual basis to avoid costly water heater repairs. Annually draining your water heater can improve your household water quality and even the water pressure in your home. Refer to your water heater manufacturer for more information and instructions on how to improve your water quality.

Dispose Hazardous Wastes Properly

Hazardous chemicals, like pesticides and prescriptions, should be disposed properly. Disposing hazardous wastes the right way keeps dangerous chemicals from getting into your water.

Use Pesticides and Fertilizers Properly

Applying the appropriate amount of pesticides and fertilizers at the right time weather-wise can Improve your water quality. If too much has been applied and/or it has been applied right before it rains, the chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers can run directly into your local waterway. Before applying pesticide or fertilizer, follow the product label and check your local weather forecast. 

Pick Up Pet Waste

Always pick up pet waste right away and put it in the garbage or flush it down the toilet. Scooping up pet waste from your lawn keeps bacteria from running into storm drains.

How to Improve Your Water Quality by Best City Plumbers

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